Cardboard gift boxes production process

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Cardboard gift packaging boxes are not difficult to see in the shopping malls, but the cumbersome process of making high-end gift boxes may not be well understood by people in the industry. The following is a brief introduction to the general process of processing Cardboard gift boxes.

1, Cardboard gift boxes paper selection

The choice of paper is very important according to the customer's document design requirements and the effects to be reflected.

Common papers are: coated paper, black cardboard, or art paper. The paper should not be too thick, and it is easy to wrinkle when it is thick, but it should not be too thin, otherwise the embossing effect cannot be reflected. The surface of the copper plate is best printed.

2, Cardboard gift boxes craft production

Cardboard gift boxes production process

Brand Watch Box

The surface decoration process is very many, the most common ones are offset printing, and then the various processes carried out on this basis are:

1, film (light film, matte film, touch film, scratch-resistant film, etc.);

2, hot stamping (gold, red gold, color gold, silver, laser, etc.); partial scraping UV oil or screen ink; embossing embossing and so on.

3, die-cut: select the appropriate gray board paper and then die-cut. Of course, it is not a very important part of the process. Special gift boxes have higher technical requirements for die cutting. Accuracy and accuracy determine the quality of the products. Some errors directly affect the quality of subsequent processing.

4. Slotting is a key step in the production of Cardboard gift boxes. Before the gray board is formed, the gray board must be V-shaped, so that after the gray board is bent, the outer side is straight, the edges are sharp, and the four corners are accurate.

5, paste is a necessary process in the gift box process, it is according to the requirements of different products, the copper paper, art paper, flannel, leather material through the glue machine glue or spray glue, it is closely adhered to the gray board Together, make it one.

Cardboard gift boxes production process

Cardboard gift jewelry box

However, usually the Cardboard gift boxes is first cut and then die-cut, but the paste-like gift box is first cut and then smashed. The purpose of this is as follows: First, the fear of the outsourcing material is defaced and affects the appearance; secondly, the gift box pays attention to the harmony of the overall effect. After the squatting, the support body can be completely shielded, so that the gray color of the gray board is wrapped by the novel outsourcing material, which presents us with a beautiful artwork; the third is some complicated structure, still inseparable from the manual. Operational paste, this is not a machine can not be replaced, but the manual can be used to glue every detail of the box in place, so that the outer crepe paper and the gray board are more closely attached.