How to choose corresponding paper for packaging box

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 Xinhehua Packaging has been engaged in custom packaging and tote bag customization for 10 years. Today we are going to introduce our papers to the readers who are familiar with the packaging or who are not familiar with the packaging.

 First, the paper jam

 As the paper used in the market, the paper jam is not used in the packaging. The main purpose of the paper jam is to print business cards, certificates, invitations, covers, calendars and postal postcards. However, because white cardboard has a high degree of stiffness, bursting resistance and smoothness, some packaging products also use a white card.

packaging box
Packaging picture

 The BT paper bag in the above picture is the white cardboard used. It can be seen that the product has good gloss and good stiffness, which is the characteristics of the paper jam.

 Second, kraft paper

 Kraft paper, used as packaging material. High intensity. Usually yellowish brown. The semi-bleached or fully bleached kraft pulp is light brown, cream or white. Quantitative 80 ~ 120g / m2. The crack length is generally above 6000m. Tear strength, breaking work and dynamic strength are high. Mostly web and flat paper. The sulphate softwood pulp is used as raw material, and it is beaten and made on a long net paper machine.

kraft packaging box

 The tea gift box in the picture above is made of high-grade white kraft paper and printed with spot color. Is it also very beautiful?

 Third, coated paper

 Coated paper will be used by more packaging companies in the use of packaging products, but coated paper is like corrugated paper in logistics packaging, the usage rate is very high, but the overall product display effect is not as good as white cardboard.

packaging box

 Just like this Fendi gift box, the gloss and stiffness are not as good as the white cardboard. Although the feel is smooth, there is a gap in the visual angle. It is a cheap and good material, but if you want Whether the packaging has a better texture or a white card is recommended.

 Fourth, art paper (multiple small categories)

 There are many types of art paper, such as handkerchief paper, twilight paper, touch paper, flower paper, etc., all belong to art paper.

 To do packaging, you must know the paper, do not understand the paper, do not say that you understand the packaging!