The application of color in cosmetic packaging

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Color is one of the most important factors in attracting customers when it comes to the delivery of cosmetic packaging. Color is crucial for cosmetic packaging compared to other elements.

Color is a memory that evokes people, and it has the power to stimulate emotions and think. A person's experience often forms a reaction to various colors. Because of this, the color scheme of the package can induce the consumer's emotions and attitudes towards the product before the consumer knows the product. In order to stand out from the competition and attract the attention of potential buyers, be sure to understand the meaning of each color when choosing the packaging color. Here are some common colors for cosmetic boxes.


In color psychology, white is considered blank. It conveys the beginning of innocence, equality and newness. As a cosmetic packaging box color, white is safe, simple, and conservative, but if you want to create a look that is clean, pure, efficient, or simple, white is a good choice.

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Using red can attract people's attention to your products, stimulate the senses, and stimulate potential buyers, because red symbolizes vitality, action, passion, enthusiasm and strength. Crimson is considered professional and luxurious, while bright red is more exciting and energetic, usually lower than the perceived value of deep red. Adding gold or silver to printing or decoration can increase perceived value.


Black is a powerful color that symbolizes control and authority. As a packaging color, black tends to stand out, making the product appear heavier and higher-end, conveying an enhanced perceived value. It evokes mystery, class and elegance.

As with white or gray, you can add an auxiliary color to black to change its style. Add gold foil or silver foil to create an elegant style to attract higher-end people. Adding red creates a mature or emotional connotation. A combination of rose or pink softens the message and appeals to the female market, while fuchsia or magenta makes it more distinctive, more attractive and more creative.

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The pink packaging is calm and no threat. In general, pink is best suited for women's cosmetics. Pink is feminine and young in soft tones, full of passion and vitality in deeper tones. Combine pink and dark to make it look more mature and more powerful. Dust-filled or pale pink packaging has attracted a more emotional and older market. Using bright pink or neon pink often means getting younger.

In addition to symbolizing environmental protection and nature, green also symbolizes safety and growth. For natural cosmetics, green is always a good choice. Dark green means luxury and professional quality, while light green or light green means environmental safety and nutrition. Green is usually an ideal color choice, plus decorative finishes or printed colors that will appeal to your target market.

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Although color is undoubtedly an important factor in the overall product design, we believe that the appropriate color matching with the novel cosmetic packaging design is more stimulating the five senses of the consumer.