How to highlight of cosmetic packaging box feature

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Once you know the cosmetic packaging box of your choice, it's time to start thinking about design. The best starting point, when your customers look at your product, the moment you need to watch to convey the message you want to express, and then transfer the other content to capture the customer's eye.

Ask yourself, what are the factors that you want customers to know about the product? Whatever it is, this is something you need to consider in the design of your cosmetic packaging.

cosmetic packaging box

Grass green aromatherapy box

This is an aromatherapy box that highlights the natural characteristics of aromatherapy, with a choice of grass-green color, fresh and environmentally friendly, close to nature.
Establish brand awareness while letting customers know what brand of lipstick or cream they are using. It is best to put your LOGO logo in front and in the middle.
cosmetic packaging box
Beauty Christmas Gift Box - Dreamland Calendar Box

This Christmas beauty gift box highlights the festive atmosphere and creates a Christmas holiday atmosphere in the craftsmanship.
Does the presence of a certain ingredient in cosmetics surprise customers and give them a desire to buy? If so, it needs to be the focus of the design. If the core of your plant is the essence of the plant, you must pay attention to the environmental protection. By focusing on one of the core elements of cosmetic packaging design, you can ensure that critical information is delivered to your customers.

High-grade imitation leather cosmetics packaging box gift box
cosmetic packaging box
This faux-leather cosmetic box will look like a calm business look. It can be seen that this is a cosmetic kit for business men.

The next step is to choose the materials and special printing and production processes that will be used in the packaging.

There are many options to make cosmetic packaging boxes more vivid. But remember: the more complex the packaging, the higher the budget, so when designing, you must combine the specific packaging budget to find a cosmetic packaging box manufacturer that suits you, and the packaging manufacturer can achieve and cannot achieve the docking design. Matters. Some designers have big brains, but they still have to consider the real process.

Depending on your product, some upgrades may be required (for example, if your product is to be stored in a shower or in a bathroom, it is best to have a waterproof coating or waterproof features).

Others are design choices to help you create a specific look and feel. Add hot stamping (hot stamping, silver, etc.), embossing / embossing, bump or UV to provide 3D effects, will definitely make your cosmetic box feel higher, more luxurious, more interesting, but it will also increase you The cost per package.

If you are not sure which options or those crafts or options your budget allows. Must be responsible for the person in charge, the designer, the box manufacturer to discuss the discussion. Then determine the materials and manufacturing processes that are appropriate for the brand and budget.