Commonly used print paper standard size specifications

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Common print size (unit: mm)

business card

Horizontal version: 90*55mm 85*54mm

Vertical version: 50*90mm 54*85mm

Square version: 90*90mm 90*95mm

1. The unit of paper:

A. gram: weight of one square meter (length × width ÷ 2) = g is weight

B. Order: 500 sheets of paper said: order (factory specification)

C. Tons: 1 ton = 1000 kg as usual units, used to calculate paper prices.

2. Paper specifications and names:

A. Paper is most commonly available in four sizes:

(1). Positive paper: length 109.2 cm. width 78.7 cm

(2). Large paper: 119.4 cm long and 88.9 cm wide

(3). Self-adhesive: 765 cm long. 535 cm wide

(4). Carbon-free paper: There are positive and generous specifications, but there are paper, medium paper, paper, and paper price.

B. The most common name for paper:

(1). Copy paper: 17g positive specification: used for VAT ticket, gift inner packaging, generally pure white.

(2). Typing paper: 28g positive specification: used for joint order. Form, there are seven color points: white. red. yellow. blue. green. light green. purple.

(3). Glossy paper: 35-40g positive specification: one side has light, used for joint order. Form. Note, for low-grade printing paper.

(4). Writing paper: 50-100g generous. Positive, for low-grade printed matter, the most domestic paper.

(5). Double-adhesive paper: 60-180g generous. Positive, for medium-end printed matter to domestic. Joint venture and import are common. Newsprint: 55-60g roller paper. Positive paper. Newspaper selection.

(6). Carbon-free paper: 40-150g generous. Positive degree, there is direct copy function, divided into middle and lower paper, upper middle and lower paper can not be exchanged or reused, paper price is different, there are seven colors , often used in conjunctions.

(7) Coated paper: A. Double copper 80-400g positive. Large degree, used for high-grade printed matter. B. Single copper: used in carton, carton, hand bag, pill box, etc. High-grade printing.

(8). Sub-powder paper: 105-400g for elegant. High-grade color printing.

(9). Gray-white version of paper: 200g or more, white ash on the bottom, used for packaging.

(10). White cardboard: 200g, double-sided white, used for mid-range packaging.

(11). Kraft paper: 60-200g, used for packaging. Carton. File bag. Portfolio. Envelope.

(12). Special paper: generally used in imported paper, mainly used for printing on the cover, decorations, crafts, fines, etc.